winter: perception vs. reality

I wish I could say winter was all hot cocoa, knee socks, snuggles, fireplaces, frolicks in the snow, cozy blankets, and reading in bed. 


And maybe it is, just not for me. 

I know those of us in Southern Ontario have been incredibly lucky that the first bit of cold weather and snow squalls held off this long; but I have been (not so) secretly wishing it stayed away for good.  I frowned and scoffed and rolled my eyes (who, me? I know, right…) when my co-workers waxed poetic about snow storms, snow shoes, and snowmen. 

When I hear 2-4cm of snow (ahem, Guelph, it was a good 5-7, ok?) in the forecast, I pull the comforter higher up over my head and hope the roads are clear and everything will miraculously go away before I step outside.  I’m perhaps a wee bit over-dramatic when it snows.  

To me, this is what 2-4cm looks like:

(I told you I was dramatic)

Does this put me in “bad Canadian” category? Hells yes it does; and that’s fine by me.  

You provide the snuggles I’ll provide the hot cocoa and blankets.  Someone’s gotta help me change my mind on this miserable winter thing…


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