little known fact

I’m cute (and modest). I like to wear make-up and straighten my hair.  You’ll almost never see me in sweats outside of my house. 

So, when I tell people I’m a huge (HUGE) lacrosse fan, I nod for 10 seconds while they lift their jaw off the ground. My sister worked for the Toronto Nationals and then the Toronto Rock, and Dad was a lacrosse player in his youth; I’ve grown to love the game.  And, um ahem, have you seen the men? hot damn!

To start off the season right, let me share with you a great Rock video from their road to the Cup last year (btw: Toronto won the Champions Cup in 2011, I was working that day…I don’t want to talk about it). 

Now, a wee confession.  I love the Rock, I do. I know a lot more Rock gossip then I should (thanks sis). I love watching the games live.  But I love Dan Dawson. Love. Dawson is currently playing for the Philadelphia Wings.  So, this NLL season I’m torn.  I mean, how do you compete with this:

(Dawson’s on the right)

The Wings don’t open their season till next weekend, so, for tonight, I’m #teamRock. 


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