friday, i’m in love


  • yaaaaay hot yoga this week; no wanting to puke,  no lightheadedness, (no hot dude beside me, sad), and finally full bow pose. Go me. And helllllo glutes (and hello glutes again the morning after. oy). Good class!
  • are any of y’all in Toronto? Did you go to TIFF? What did you see? Was it any good? I’m looking forward to We Were Wolves being released at our local independent theatre (fingers crossed) or somewhere online?? It looks good. (this may or may not be affiliated with my Nick Collins/Peter Mooney lovefest. maybe not. probably. definitely. whatever)
  • I got a new desk. And put it together.  By myself. Correctly. And didn’t even swear. And listened to a lot of Jersey Boys. (it’s a staple in this house: put together furniture, paint, listen to Jersey Boys. Do not step in paint tray, do not violently fling end of curtain rod across the room….that’s another story. Short version? my sister is super fun to paint with.) And then I re-arranged my office.
  • book things: I mentioned last week that I stalked the mail lady until she dropped off the mail last Thursday because I knew my copy of Seriously Delish was being delivered. (wait – did I tell you the creepy mail lady stalkery part? or just my dad? well, yah, I stalked the mail lady, whatever.) I drove to Mississauga (dog sitting. OMG so many snores from one little doggie) and tore open the box and read that sucker like a real book. First of all, the book is gorgeous – so.many.polka dots! If you have a full fat, carb, real sugar, meat, gluten, dairy loving friend (I know, they’re hard to find these days) who also loves to cook? get them this cookbook.
  • other book things: I successfully finished This is Where I Leave You before the movie comes out next week. Good book, definitely recommended.
  • so who deleted the free U2 album added to their itunes cloud fearing it was a privacy hack and not a fun “gift” from Apple on their iPhone6 release date? Oh just me? Also anyone think the iPhone5 looks a whole lot cooler after the 6 was released? I have a Samsung Galaxy and my biggest complaint is that it’s too big (I have small hands). If I were in the market for a new phone I’d be all over the 5. Or another BlackBerry (yes, I still miss/love my old BB)
  • so let’s boohoo about a serious first world problem (another one? oh no iPhones are too big, wah wah), BUT, Gilmore Girls repeats have been on the Christian channel weeknights at 7pm….until last week. I used to make my dinner to be ready around 7ish and enjoy some good, wholesome television (#teamjess). And now I’m sad and I actually ate dinner at the table. Boooooo. I saw the hoopla that GG was coming to Netflix. AMERICAN Netflix. #lifeishard.
  • I bought toffee nut syrup from Starbucks. I may never leave my house again.
  • and you know, since this isn’t your place for politics, let’s talk about TV: what are you watching this year? I’m rocking all my regular shows; you know the ones I usually talk about every week from September to May and you cutely nod your head even though somehow other than Scandal (#teamjake) or Mindy Project (#teamanyonebutdanny) no one watches my stories? Well, I’ll be gushing about all those program in a few weeks and I am pumped!
  • just in case you weren’t counting (for shame). I’m leaving for Calgary 3 weeks Sunday. And it’s not gonna snow. Not even a little bit. Ohhhh. Alberta. (ummmm, sister, maybe we should start a bit more planning??) Planning a trip (to Alberta, BC, or well anywhere I guess), reach out to their tourism account on twitter, @helloBC sent me some great trip ideas for our roadie.
  • had date night that wasn’t date night that was date night with Emily last night (HI EM! she loves a good blog shout out), soooo good. Seems Borealis “date night” is actually just on Wednesdays so we’re going back in 2 weeks the the cheaper version of our dinner. Em and I met/worked together at UofG and I’m in for a big ol’ flashback weekend having drinks tonight and brunch Sunday with a few more of my old co-workers.


fun plans this weekend, friends? what are we reading? what are we excited to watch this fall? 

ps: it’s still summer!! I’m hoping for one last patio brunch hoorah on Sunday. 

concert going (and why you should put your camera/phone down)

So, you know how I’ve mentioned about eighteen thousand times that I’m a total old lady? I really like going to bed early and prefer reading books to going pretty much anywhere after 8pm.

Last Christmas sister and I bought Mom concert tickets to see Michael Buble in Toronto at the end of June, obviously I was going with her (oh, what was that, old lady thing #18001?). We had great seats and while I don’t know all the tunes by heart, I do love me some easy listening (let’s stop counting how many times you’ll call me an old lady in one blog post, k?)

michaelbuble1 michaelbuble2

The concert was great; Mr. Bublé is charming and funny and oh those slow jamz. He’s a total crooner and sings to your soul. It’s total baby making music (and let me tell you, he made sure to remind the audience of that………maybe a few too many times for a prudeish 30 year old sitting beside her mother.)

Tiny red and white paper hearts shot out of confetti canons during All You Need is Love may forever be one of my favourite things.


What I don’t love? Smartphones at concerts.

(enter the old lady rant) Why, oh why did you pay a lot of dollars to watch the concert through your iphone screen? You love instagram, I feel you, and need to get at least one photo up there to show off how much fun you’re having/how close your seats were/how handsome the talent is. Go for it. But looking out at a sea of screens is distracting. You know you’re missing the actual performance by trying to take the peeerfect photo, right?

The music. THE MUSIC! It’s amazing. Listen to it. Enjoy it. Be in the moment. (I live in granola-hippie town, can you tell?)

Also, lets not have an actual phone conversation during the concert (yes, this happened in front of me). While we’re at it, when you’re with 7 of your closest girlfriends, trying to engage in conversation with someone 6 seats over is loud. And annoying. And I can hear the whole thing. And all I want to hear is Michael Bublé. And why are you taking 863 very dimly lit selfies?

(and this is why I probably won’t go to concerts anymore. the music is great, the people, less so. and the screaming, oh the screaming. the only not old lady thing about me may be my hearing; I can hear perfectly well, and am sensitive to loud noises)

Put the phone down. Enjoy the music. Search the internets the day after for photos and youtube videos.


Thoughts on concerts? Do you love ‘em? Would you rather pay 90% less and buy the album and listen to it in the quiet privacy of your woo-girl-free home? (I really want to love them, I do; I just don’t know if I can get over the wooing and loudness and cameras and tons of other people) 

ps: it is totally not lost on me the irony of writing about how much people should just enjoy the moment by using – what are likely instagram photos – found on google for this blog post. thanks other people who spent a lot on tickets and news outlets for posting photos online. 

friday, i’m in love


  • I feel like I say this every few weeks, but I think I have the pre-yoga breakfast down: 1/2 cup coffee and 1 cup of oatmeal.
  • other yoga things: I was the first person in class yesterday, the next woman decided putting her mat down right beside me would be ideal. Um lady, move over. And then a hottie laid down on the other side. T’was a good morning.
  • as evidenced by today’s heat warning, and oh, the calendar, it’s still summer! So would pumpkin spiced everything kindly go away, till, well, at least October (or forever? pumpkin spiced lattes are the worst, and I looooove Starbucks) (ugh, gourds)
  • I’m having a wee love affair with Adam Levine; like a said to a friend “it’s not rehab bad, it’s I plan on using a whole lot of [puppy sitting parents] internet usage to watch ‘adam levine funny moments’ videos”. Did you see Mr. Levine on the Tonight Show this week? wheel of musical impressions. gold.
  • do any of y’all read the blog how sweet eats? I ordered Jessica’s brand new cookbook on Tuesday (thank you chapters for the 60% off promo and free shipping!); and I kind of stalked the mail lady and refused to head to the city for puppy sitting until I had the book in my hands. IT.IS.SO.PRETTY! So many polka dots. I’m in love.
  • remember last week I made you all jealous with my plans to organize my closets? The giant closet purge of fall ’14 was a great success. Chrissy, how’s your kitchen??


So what’s going on for the weekend internet friends? I’m puppy sitting (this is Brandy, isn’t she the cutest? she snores)

oh hello, september

(I’ve seen this floating around the interwebz and thought “heeeeeeey, this would be a great way to start each month”. you should be in my head, I really thought that. so, here’s the first installment, let’s catch up at the beginning of each month…)


making: cards. 2 just because cards are being dropped in the postbox today.

cooking: caprese salad. that’s not really cooking, it’s slicing. cooking-adjacent? and quiche. and bacon and eggs. and taco salad. I don’t really take cooking seriously in the summer.

drinking: coffee and diet coke; my two staples in life.

reading: just finishing Jennifer Weiner’s All Fall Down (loving it) and starting Jonathan Tropper’s This is Where I Leave You (looking forward to reading it)

wanting: a new pair of Toms; they’re on the list for this weekend.

playing: Lost Stars by Adam Levine. my itunes can tell you how many times I’ve listened to it, but I choose not to share that number.

wishing: Chicago PD episodes were still on OnDemand.

enjoying: quiet. I’m an itunes/tv must always be on in the background kind of girl; but I’ve been embracing the quiet so far this week. (probably because I’m seeing my dad on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Sunday, and he can talk…a lot)

waiting: for October. #sistertrip2014

liking: coleslaw. I’m in a slaw phase.

wondering: how my friends’ kids’ first day of school was. I was a pretty awkward and shy kid, the first day of school was filled with anxiety and nervousness.

loving: rainy mornings.

marveling: at how little things really are the best things.

needing: a pedicure. I dropped a chair on my toe a few weeks back, so I’m waiting till it heals properly.

smelling: sea salt & sand. I scooped up the last candle on clearance at target last week.

wearing: my workday uniform: navy lounge pants and a grey t-shirt.

knowing: it’s still summer

watching: Rookie Blue reruns. Nick Collins, I can’t quit you.

thinking: I need to get out walking again. maybe once the humidity breaks…

opening: a new bag of coffee; hello smuggled (but not really) Dunkin Donuts Original.

giggling: at movie quotes (Friends with Benefits sent to kathryn and a classic The Holiday line sis sent me on Tuesday)

feeling: not sad anymore. (if you’d like to have a good cry…and by good cry I mean sob for 30 minutes watch The Book Thief. allofthefeelings)


friday, i’m in love


  • long weekend plans? I have a magical Saturday planned….wait for it….I’m not venturing out of my home. Not even a little bit. I live in a University town and it’s first year move-in on Saturday, which makes all the streets and shops and grocery stores and everything else jam packed full of frantic parents and annoyed children (yes, 17 year old first year students are still children). Instead, I’m cleaning out and organizing my closet. I know, you’re jealous.
  • don’t you wish there was a trackable GPS on delivery trucks? That’s cool that you left Kitchener at 6:38am but it’s now 2pm and I’m still waiting and minimizing my liquid intake because I will so be in the bathroom when UPS gets here. (ps: this was on Tuesday. the dude showed up at 4:30pm. their timeline was “anytime before 8pm”; makes all those 4 hour delivery time frames seem not so bad)
  • why can I never buy a ripe avocado at the grocery store? I want it on my tacos noooooowwww not next Thursday. And don’t even recommend pre-package guacamole, tried it, tastes like garbage.
  • two of my favourite boys got married last weekend – in the woods – in the most romantic, perfectly them, beautiful setting I have ever seen. And I didn’t know anyone at the wedding. And they sat me with 6 of their favourite gay friends (hashtag storyofmylife). And it was awesome. We slow danced. We laughed at the moms and dads totally dancing like moms and dads. Yay new friends. (which is huge for me to say because my inner introvert was so so so so nervous about going to a wedding where I only knew the grooms)
  • tv things: how Gilmore Girls should have ended – the Rory’s bf edition (ahem, team jess). Also, I’m a binge watch a whole season of tv in a weekend kind of girl; so, I prefer DVDs to Netflix (because I like to use my internet for a whole 30 days, not just 3). Picked up the whole Friday Night Lights box set for $30 last weekend and am seeing a whole bunch of FNL in the background as I clean my closet this weekend.
  • DEALS (for canadian friends): are you looking for new workout pants? sister and I both lovelovelove the compression pants from old navy – they’re $12 today (friday) only. need new ear buds? we are also in lovelovelove with yurbuds, they’re $10 off at target – seriously, the best ear buds I have ever owned.


So, long weekend plans? (you’re jealous of the closet cleaning sesh, aren’t you?)

ps: you think today’s a doughnut day right? doughnut and starbucks? you do! I’ll see what I can do… (grocery shopping now to avoid off-at-noon-stocking-up-for-the-cottage crowds)