friday, i’m in love


I’m at a bit of a loss for things I’m love-love-loving this week (I mean, there’s some, but not the oodles as in weeks past) so I enlisted (begged) some of my friends to share what they’re loving:

  • i love the ‘A Beautiful Mess’ app. it makes my instagram photos that much more beautiful. The sisters have developed gorgeous filters, and added fun borders, text and images to add a little fun. …now to be able to woodwork, design and decorate like them and all will be well in the world – Laura
  • I’m actually loving the mild sunny weather we’ve been having*…it’s been great for patio food, puppy walks, and impromptu fro yo treats – Naeem (*says the man who LOVES hot weather)
  • I just went on a big shopping spree at Lululemon and I’m loving the vinyasa scarf. I got the grey and white stripes and I’ve been wearing it non-stop.  Oh. And I’m digging that it’s still warm-ish out [in Charlottetown] and the trees are starting to look like fall. We have one maple tree in our yard that has one branch with red leaves and the rest is still green. Almost as if that branch loves scarves and wool sweaters and pumpkin spice everything as much as I do. Okay and a yoga accomplishment: I got into AND HELD crow. Turns out I wasn’t putting my knees high enough up my arms, so I couldn’t get balanced and hold myself up. But putting a block under my feet and moving into the pose from there was all it took! – Megan (love yoga? Megan is starting her second 30-day yoga challenge on October 1st, cheer her on on the twitter)
  • I’m loving the warm days and cool nights, all the good tv shows coming back (Katelyn and I are Scandal lovas), and I’m especially loving I get to see my friend and her 3 week old baby Benjamin today. I’m also loving that I’m off today; thank goodness. – Katelyn

And now my love list

  • ok really, let’s just talk new TV! (yah yah, what I’m watching coming soon) Chicago Fire: Shay! WHAT!?? How much do you love emo Kelly? And we still hate Dawson and Casey together, right? Chicago PD: maybe about 45 minutes through Wednesday’s episode I actually yelled FUCK YAH JAY HALSTEAD! But seriously. The Voice: oh yah, that came out of left field; but considering my recent love affair with Adam and Blake (totes on a first name basis), not surprising. Everyone is so sweet, and um, Pharrell is 41? Dude looks goooood. And Scandal. Oh Scandal. I started biting my nails by 9:02pm. Cyrus got hair plugs, right? Dude totally has more hair than last season. (oh, and you’re welcome to be on #teamJake with me and Chrissy, it looks like Jake could use a few more people on his side)
  • other TV things: watching The Tonight Show on OnDemand is pretty much the highlight of my day most days. That Jimmy (or James as I call him) is hilarious. Oh oh, and I don’t watch Ellen but did you see the Scandal cast on Ellen on Thursday? And I still have a wee crush on a few HGTV contractors. (guys, really, sometimes I do work too)
  • you know how Clinton Kelly is all “don’t fault your body, keep trying on jeans till you find the ones that fit? (or something like that) no, Clint-in, it’s me. It’s my little legs and wide thighs, and smaller (not small) waist. Sigh. I hate shopping for jeans. And why can’t the ones I want be in stock at The Gap? No Jacob Palmer, I am not better than The Gap. And why do the crops I love from Ricki’s not come in jeans or full length pants (in case you were wondering, “crops” and “full length pants” are all of about 1-2″ difference for me.)
  • a man (friend) did my dishes Wednesday. And by dishes I mean…………..dishes, no sexy euphemisms. I mean it was my cereal bowl and his dinner plate but it was glorious.
  • I finished reading This is Where I Leave You a few weeks ago and did indeed see the film on Sunday afternoon. So good. Sooo good. The only movies I have ever liked more than the book were The Notebook and Perks of Being a Wallflower; for me, those were obvious movie > book. this was an equal playing field. Loved ‘em both!
  • I hate saying things like “I’m crazy busy” but, I have a billion and one things going on till an amazing event I’m planning next Saturday (ps: love CrossFit? still time to register. come come!) and then, AND THEN, I’m going on vacation. Oh I can’t wait.


Since we’re pretty much all besties – and since my lovely friends shared the best thing in their week, TELL ME, what was the best thing in YOUR week?

28 + 1 candles

This isn’t a story about a little girl who refused to turn three. Or about how her grandma celebrated her sixth birthday twice with identical strawberry shortcake cards.

It isn’t about a girl who kicks and punches and flails in her sleep. Or about why she thought stapling her older sister (twice) would have been a good idea. Or what gymnastics is like when instructors don’t carry you around.  It isn’t about how she likes her hair stroked or how she flings herself onto your lap when she’s sad or how much she hates socks.

lb1  lb2

Instead why don’t I tell you about how Laura sweet talked her way into allowing a waitress to accept our food vouchers to pay for margaritas when our flight home was cancelled a few years ago. Or how she lets me cry on the phone when certain Saturdays seem particularly shitty. What about if I told you about how she greets me at the airport with Starbucks and the camera flipped to selfie mode.

Or that one time we sang Call Me Maybe and What Makes You Beautiful over and over again on Hwy 99 on the way back from Whistler?

What about that one time she stepped in a paint tray while simultaneously signing along to the Jersey Boys soundtrack and trying to do a long pole (lacrosse thing) demo with a shower curtain rod?

Want to hear about our yearly sister trips? The highlights include 6 hours at Fenway through 2 rain delays and boycotting deep dish (which, eww) in Chicago in favour of California Pizza Kitchen and finding an Olive Garden beside the Target and the soggiest shoes and the best burgers on the beach in Vancouver and the ferris wheel at dusk and the Jays beating up on the Mariners (and it not raining) in Seattle.

And then at the end of an impromptu beach photo shoot, we sat facing the ocean and she put her head on my shoulder and it was kind of the best moment ever.

All the stories end the same way: I kind of have the best sister in the whole world. She’s funny and a sweet girl and makes me do things I don’t want to and moved to Alberta just so we could climb mountains and eat Cactus Club and Jelly Modern.

And somehow, she’s not keen on being 29. I have a feeling she’s still down with us celebrating in BC in a few weeks….


life lately

(aka: I really like brunch and breakfast for lunch and cute restaurants with spectacular bar areas and old friends)


ob1 ob2

When the mimosas are $3 you get 2; unless you’re me and you responsibly have 1 and hope heavy-on-the-champagne, light-on-the-grapefruit juice doesn’t go straight to your head. Enter 3 cups of strong coffee.


39carden2 39carden1

A cute cafe that serves breakfast (oh heeey maple bacon waffles) all day long? even on weekdays? yes please! I mean seriously; how cute? Cute cute cute. I could really go for a cappuccino on that patio right about now.

Toss in some dinners and drinks with other friends, 2 committee meetings, early morning stops at the market for flowers and fresh cinnamon sugar doughnuts (we’re talking made right in front of you, still deliciously warm fried dough), an adorable chat with my grandma, a stack of magazines, hot coffee, side alley street art, a perfectly timed thunderstorm, and then endless sunny skies. Pretty good 2 weeks, don’t ya think?



friday, i’m in love

yumm (wd)

(aka: allofthefunlinks?? a good week on the interwebz)

  • just in case you don’t have an awesome friend and an awesome sister who both sent you hot dad’s at disneyland within hours of each other, um, here you go. Who loves ya, baby?
  • tv things: how excited are we about Mindy Project being back? first of all, there’s all these reasons. But more importantly, is there anyone out there not loving this Mindy + Danny thing? I was over it 5 months ago. (this is a good time to remind you I pretty much don’t like any couples tv forces on me) Obviously I’m watching the weekly Rookie Blue repeats on Sunday nights. And am pretty pumped for Scandal. And Chicago PD. And and Criminal Minds. (and when I complain that I can’t sleep, you’ll know why)
  • talking about Scandal, the last 2 episodes of season 3 were on last night and sucked me right back in. I’m so pumped. Oh Jake.
  • (so many tv man crushes should re-commence next week)
  • I’m in a Blake Shelton phase. Remember when I was in an Adam Levine phase a few weeks back? Well, I totally did watch alloftheadamlevinevideosonyoutube a few weekends ago, and a bunch of those have Blake in them, so really, it’s a natural progression. Which of course leads to another epic Tonight Show lip sync battle. Blake killed it. (Gwyn doesn’t get it right? She was performing Call Me Maybe like herself…..but, but, wasn’t her bomber jacket completely amazing?)
  • yoga things: yesterday was 3 weeks nausea-free! I think I’m finally feeling accustomed to the heat. And, guess who is 30 and can still do the splits? oh yah, this girl. Thank you 100 degree heat for my extra stretchiness. And and, head to floor in wide forward fold. There will be no headstands, but I feel amazing. (it’s Thursday night and I’m 98% sure I won’t be able to walk on Friday)
  • I’m probably the last person who wants to talk about the holiday season in September (I just kicked myself, so, yah), BUT one of my favourite photographers Amy (yep, I’ve mentioned her a million….or 10…times in the past, but she’s amazing) is having a huge fall sale and anything/everything from her collection would make the most perfect gift.
  • book things: I breezed through This Is Where I Leave You; the book was excellent. I’m hoping to see it at the theatre on Sunday afternoon after Church and lunch with my grandma to celebrate her birthday. Not sure what to read next…other than the stack of magazines I have on my ottoman.  What are you reading?
  • have you been reading Gracie’s September Blogging Challange? As you can tell, I haven’t been actively participating, but have been following along. You may have noticed today is link love day, so, I guess day 19 is a good day to start participating, right? (but seriously, the internets has been pretty great this week.) In a blogging rut? Check out some of the posts for ideas. And if you’ve been reading friday, i’m in love for a while you KNOW I talk about a bunch of Gracie’s September blog topics on the regular – favourite things, songs on repeat, man crushes, books. You won’t see any OOTD here though, sorry. Well, maybe after the westcoast roadie. Maybe.


What was the greatest part of your week? What’s up this weekend, peeps? I’m thinking market for flowers then digging into some September issues, probably grocery shopping, and grandma time and movies on Sunday. And probably a tv post for next week, I need to know what you’re watching so we can discuss in depth cause #tvisreallife.

ps: yes, I took that photo. In 2008 on a volunteer trip. And yes, I could really go for some beignets and Jackson Square people watching and NOLA sunshine right about now

pps: I just saw a commercial for Annabelle and may never sleep again; bring on the cop shows, they ain’t got nothing on horror movies

friday, i’m in love


  • yaaaaay hot yoga this week; no wanting to puke,  no lightheadedness, (no hot dude beside me, sad), and finally full bow pose. Go me. And helllllo glutes (and hello glutes again the morning after. oy). Good class!
  • are any of y’all in Toronto? Did you go to TIFF? What did you see? Was it any good? I’m looking forward to We Were Wolves being released at our local independent theatre (fingers crossed) or somewhere online?? It looks good. (this may or may not be affiliated with my Nick Collins/Peter Mooney lovefest. maybe not. probably. definitely. whatever)
  • I got a new desk. And put it together.  By myself. Correctly. And didn’t even swear. And listened to a lot of Jersey Boys. (it’s a staple in this house: put together furniture, paint, listen to Jersey Boys. Do not step in paint tray, do not violently fling end of curtain rod across the room….that’s another story. Short version? my sister is super fun to paint with.) And then I re-arranged my office.
  • book things: I mentioned last week that I stalked the mail lady until she dropped off the mail last Thursday because I knew my copy of Seriously Delish was being delivered. (wait – did I tell you the creepy mail lady stalkery part? or just my dad? well, yah, I stalked the mail lady, whatever.) I drove to Mississauga (dog sitting. OMG so many snores from one little doggie) and tore open the box and read that sucker like a real book. First of all, the book is gorgeous – so.many.polka dots! If you have a full fat, carb, real sugar, meat, gluten, dairy loving friend (I know, they’re hard to find these days) who also loves to cook? get them this cookbook.
  • other book things: I successfully finished This is Where I Leave You before the movie comes out next week. Good book, definitely recommended.
  • so who deleted the free U2 album added to their itunes cloud fearing it was a privacy hack and not a fun “gift” from Apple on their iPhone6 release date? Oh just me? Also anyone think the iPhone5 looks a whole lot cooler after the 6 was released? I have a Samsung Galaxy and my biggest complaint is that it’s too big (I have small hands). If I were in the market for a new phone I’d be all over the 5. Or another BlackBerry (yes, I still miss/love my old BB)
  • so let’s boohoo about a serious first world problem (another one? oh no iPhones are too big, wah wah), BUT, Gilmore Girls repeats have been on the Christian channel weeknights at 7pm….until last week. I used to make my dinner to be ready around 7ish and enjoy some good, wholesome television (#teamjess). And now I’m sad and I actually ate dinner at the table. Boooooo. I saw the hoopla that GG was coming to Netflix. AMERICAN Netflix. #lifeishard.
  • I bought toffee nut syrup from Starbucks. I may never leave my house again.
  • and you know, since this isn’t your place for politics, let’s talk about TV: what are you watching this year? I’m rocking all my regular shows; you know the ones I usually talk about every week from September to May and you cutely nod your head even though somehow other than Scandal (#teamjake) or Mindy Project (#teamanyonebutdanny) no one watches my stories? Well, I’ll be gushing about all those program in a few weeks and I am pumped!
  • just in case you weren’t counting (for shame). I’m leaving for Calgary 3 weeks Sunday. And it’s not gonna snow. Not even a little bit. Ohhhh. Alberta. (ummmm, sister, maybe we should start a bit more planning??) Planning a trip (to Alberta, BC, or well anywhere I guess), reach out to their tourism account on twitter, @helloBC sent me some great trip ideas for our roadie.
  • had date night that wasn’t date night that was date night with Emily last night (HI EM! she loves a good blog shout out), soooo good. Seems Borealis “date night” is actually just on Wednesdays so we’re going back in 2 weeks the the cheaper version of our dinner. Em and I met/worked together at UofG and I’m in for a big ol’ flashback weekend having drinks tonight and brunch Sunday with a few more of my old co-workers.


fun plans this weekend, friends? what are we reading? what are we excited to watch this fall? 

ps: it’s still summer!! I’m hoping for one last patio brunch hoorah on Sunday.