friday, i’m in love


  • long weekend plans? I have a magical Saturday planned….wait for it….I’m not venturing out of my home. Not even a little bit. I live in a University town and it’s first year move-in on Saturday, which makes all the streets and shops and grocery stores and everything else jam packed full of frantic parents and annoyed children (yes, 17 year old first year students are still children). Instead, I’m cleaning out and organizing my closet. I know, you’re jealous.
  • don’t you wish there was a trackable GPS on delivery trucks? That’s cool that you left Kitchener at 6:38am but it’s now 2pm and I’m still waiting and minimizing my liquid intake because I will so be in the bathroom when UPS gets here. (ps: this was on Tuesday. the dude showed up at 4:30pm. their timeline was “anytime before 8pm”; makes all those 4 hour delivery time frames seem not so bad)
  • why can I never buy a ripe avocado at the grocery store? I want it on my tacos noooooowwww not next Thursday. And don’t even recommend pre-package guacamole, tried it, tastes like garbage.
  • two of my favourite boys got married last weekend – in the woods – in the most romantic, perfectly them, beautiful setting I have ever seen. And I didn’t know anyone at the wedding. And they sat me with 6 of their favourite gay friends (hashtag storyofmylife). And it was awesome. We slow danced. We laughed at the moms and dads totally dancing like moms and dads. Yay new friends. (which is huge for me to say because my inner introvert was so so so so nervous about going to a wedding where I only knew the grooms)
  • tv things: how Gilmore Girls should have ended – the Rory’s bf edition (ahem, team jess). Also, I’m a binge watch a whole season of tv in a weekend kind of girl; so, I prefer DVDs to Netflix (because I like to use my internet for a whole 30 days, not just 3). Picked up the whole Friday Night Lights box set for $30 last weekend and am seeing a whole bunch of FNL in the background as I clean my closet this weekend.
  • DEALS (for canadian friends): are you looking for new workout pants? sister and I both lovelovelove the compression pants from old navy – they’re $12 today (friday) only. need new ear buds? we are also in lovelovelove with yurbuds, they’re $10 off at target – seriously, the best ear buds I have ever owned.


So, long weekend plans? (you’re jealous of the closet cleaning sesh, aren’t you?)

ps: you think today’s a doughnut day right? doughnut and starbucks? you do! I’ll see what I can do… (grocery shopping now to avoid off-at-noon-stocking-up-for-the-cottage crowds)

looking back: august in alberta

(the 2013 edition)




Last summer sister and I ventured to Seattle on our yearly sistertrip. We completely lucked out with the weather, no rainy westcoast on this trip (I’m looking at you Vancouver 2012), which allowed me to eat a lot of chocolate croissants (Le Panier across from Pike Place, omgyum) and drink a lot of iced coffee in the great outdoors. We saw the Jays win at Safeco, sail boats in Lake Union, and the whole city unfold from the top of a ferris wheel.

Instead of going right back home, I stayed with sis in Alberta for another 4 days to finally (FINALLY) get into the Banff National Park in the summer.

la.moraine la.bowlake



There was also brunch, burgers, and an outdoor movie; all great but nothing quite compares to the mountains. After swearing to never return in October, hence the 2013 August trip, I’m heading back in 40 days for an Alberta-BC roadie!!! And it will not snow (I’m looking at you, October 2012)………

friday, i’m in love


  • a gentlemen said something hurtful and rude and completely uncalled for to me at the grocery store yesterday morning. The words? you don’t need to know. The hurt? stung really, really deep. Please be kind to other people. yah? (also, I really hate the sentiment “be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a great battle” – people don’t need to be struggling to deserve kindness, just be kind. it’s actually that simple)
  • after that heinous experience I bought some light and dark pink zebra striped garden roses. My soul is sad but my apartment is pretty.
  • ketchup potato thins; yum!
  • have you seen Who Do You Think You Are? on TLC? love it so much. Annnnd, if you watch anything else on TLC I don’t know how we can be friends….
  • I went to visit my grandma last Saturday afternoon, she got mad at me for not telling her what i wanted to eat – I didn’t know a meal was in the cards. So, she made me barlotti beans, salad, soup, and steak. And a cake. And saved me cookies that she made earlier in the week. And saved a few months of hello! magazine for me. Best grandma ever!
  • do you rehydrate dried beans, then boil to cook them? Wanna know a secret? After they’re soft (post boil) let them sit in cold water till the skin firms up so it doesn’t explode and absorb all the dressing. Boom. Tip from a couple of northern italian grandmas to me to you.
  • remember when I said I wasn’t going back to Alberta in October? Well, I’m going back to Alberta in October! For the love of everything holy, it better not snow. And then we’re roadtrippin’ to BC. Is it October yet?
  • by which I actually mean, I’m super pumped for it to be summer for another month. But really. Everyone is always looking so far in advance they can’t appreciate today (or tomorrow. or next week)
  • talking about appreciating tomorrow, I’m going to my first friend wedding tomorrow afternoon.
  • tv things: so maybe I re-watched the last 2 episodes of this summer’s season of Rookie Blue last night. And maybe I pined for Nick again. Nick Collins you are ruining men for me………good thing the only men I’ve come across lately have been attracted to other men (story of my life), one ginger hottie I spotted at the market, and the mean guy at the grocery store. So yah, I’ll just keep swooning over TV characters.
  • music things: thank you itunes shuffle for deciding to play all of Alabama Shakes. I don’t think that’s really shuffling, but I like it. And still (yes, still) Adam Levine – Lost Stars. Gah, love it so much.


When I made the transition from working in an office to working from home my first thought was SWEATPANTS! (I do make a conscious effort to change out of my pjs every morning, but I definitely don’t wear real clothes.) And then about 5 minutes later, woo, I can make a home cooked lunch every day.

And to that I say: lol (which, I don’t ever say in real life….so maybe a chuckle? a smirk? some side eye?)

I have one of three things for lunch; and most weeks it’s the same thing everyday: rando snack plate with sliced cucumbers or bell peppers, hard boiled eggs, cheese, sometimes a piece of toast, some sliced fruit; or french bread with melted old cheddar with a drizzle of balsamic vinegar and torn basil; or quiche.


Broccoli and Pancetta Crustless Quiche

what you’ll need:
6 eggs, beaten
1 cup milk (I use 1%)
1 cup raw broccoli floretts cut into small. bite size pieces
150g pancetta, cut into 1cm cubes

how to:
preheat oven to 400°
crisp pancetta in a dry pan over medium heat on the stovetop. Once crisp, transfer to paper towels to cool
beat together eggs and milk, mix in broccoli and pancetta
pour into greased 8″ pie dish
bake for 40 minutes

serve warm: I cut a slice then add shredded cheese and broil until cheese is melted
reheat from fridge: microwave for 2 minutes, then add cheese and broil until melted. I love the gooey cheese, so prefer to add to the top instead of putting cheese in my quiche.


Pacman quiche? Yes, I’m a child at heart.


What’s your go-to lunch? 

ps: momma bears; this is yummy cold and a super easy lunch to pack for your kiddos (hashtag backtoschool…..suckers) 

pps: I definitely felt the need to share one of my favourite (easy peasy) recipes after a Liebster nomination (my 4th, y’all are too kind) from the lovely Chrissy at Hungary Buddha Eats the World; this little ol’ blogaroo was the only non-foodie one to make her list. Hearts! 

friday, i’m in love


  • taco salad!
  • 2 days of sweater weather; and no, I do not mean the band (this does not mean that fall is approaching or that we need to talk about pumpkins or going back to school or shoes that aren’t flip flops, k?)
  • I wish I was the kind of girl that could rock those wide fabric headbands, that tie in the front. like these. I just look……not right. It’s probably me being crazy and self-conscious, but i just don’t think I can pull it off
  • I have a wiiiild Friday night planned – rejuvenating aloe vera face mask and early to bed. Yah. I’m so pumped (cue scene from Dirty Dancing where baby awkwardly screams “you’re wild” in Johnny’s car – he was not doing anything wild)
  • Whole Foods dark chocolate sea salt caramels! I can’t say I don’t live annnnnywhere near a Whole Foods, there are 2 within a 45 minute drive, which, obvs I’m not venturing to to do my weekly shop (also, hello overpriced; and I like my goods with gluten and cow dairy). BUT I was kinda sorta in the neighbourhood Sunday morning after work so stopped in for flowers (thank you instagram). I bought the aforementioned caramels, a pretzel bun, a chocolate croissant, iced coffee. No flowers. I really wanted to, but there was nothing great.
  • Instead, I bought a dozen pink roses for $7 at my local grocery store and split them into 2 smaller vases – 1 for my office and 1 for my living rooms
  • (yes, fiscally responsible is my middle name)
  • song of the week 1: Say Something – A Great Big World & Christina Aguilera (yes, it’s because I hear snippits 100x a day from the If I Stay – hello tear jerker – movie previews on tv)
  • song of the week 2: Drunk on a Plane – Dierks Bentley. It’s just….so catchy! Also 7A (aka: Jeff Dye), we can totes make out.
  • I passed a “free kittens” sign twice last week. I have zero kittens. Huge win. iwantallofthekittens. but not really. but kind of. I haven’t completely decided about kittens yet. Like me, they’re cuddly but often assholes and moody but loving; but I like being able to leave my apartment for a few days (or weeks on vacay) at the drop of a hat and not worry about kittens.


ps: any world/america traveller friends been to San Francisco? planning a trip for next month and choosing an area to stay in is a little overwhelming; any suggestions? likes: affordable (yet not sketchy), outdoor markets, parks, near transit, good cafes. thanks.