friday, i’m in love


  • Dean? Jess? Logan? y’all I’m #teamjess till the end with a soft spot for Marty. I can always count on Kathryn for sending anything Jess related on Buzzfeed; swoon.
  • greatest & longest Thursday ever: picking up sis in the wee hours of the morning (ok was supposed to be 7:30 turned 8am may not be the wee hours of the morning but it sure feels that way after 4 hours of sleep plus pre-rush hour traffic), breakfast, visiting grandma, shopping, lunch, jays game, sleepover with the bestie.
  • did you catch my and sis’ I’m Fit Possible instagram takeover yesterday? On National Siblings Day of all days. If you’re looking for the “fit” part, we walked around the mall and many a ramp at the Skydome (it will forever be the Skydome not Rogers Centre)
  • more baseball things? I’m all about saving money (hello everything is over-priced at stadiums), so picked up licorice and a diet coke beforehand; that plus a ballpark soft pretzel = baseball heaven. and even more baseball things? I love love love getting to the ‘dome for games. 3 cheers for sports!
  • TV things? I haven’t watched anything this week. Word is the street is Scandal was gooooood. Fingers crossed for a slow afternoon so I can watch it today before an evening potluck/meeting.
  • this week has been a complete blur; I’ve seen the sun rise 3 of the last 4 days; I’m over it, more sleep please. Also got really excited for $2 latte Tuesday this morning only to realize it isn’t Tuesday, not even a little bit.
  • I am in love with airports; like, they’re kinda my favourite place. Starbucks. Then Target. Then sporting venues (minus douchebags). Then airports (again, minus douchebags). 85 thoughts everyone has at the airport – spot.freaking.on!


What’s been superb in your week?

the recipe for a happy monday

Great weekend (1 day plans + 1 day relaxing + lots of sleep) = happy monday.

Now let me tell you a little somethin’ somethin’ about me; I’m totally an introvert and an old soul. A day of plans for my weekend does not include going out for drinks, unless of course it’s mimosas over brunch, or staying up past midnight, unless it’s girl talk in jammies. The things that make me happiest are brunch or shopping with friends or lazy afternoon coffee dates or reading on the couch listening to jukebox oldies.

happy monday

My great weekend started on Friday, I got lots of great mail – thank you Sarah/miracle 10, sister, and Carly and some Hart of Dixie!

Saturday morning was coffee, pancakes, glamour, and criminal minds in bed and then an afternoon of spring cleaning. Oh baby. I do NOT like cleaning, not even a little bit (organizing is a different story, I could organize and reorganize alllll day). 4.5 hours of scrubbing floors/toilets/baseboards and dusting and vacuuming, windexing mirrors and windows, then cleaning out closets, and 1 trip to goodwill. Then I slept for 10 glorious hours.

Sunday, oh Sunday. I love Sundays! A morning trip to Michaels (thank you everything I was looking for being on sale), HomeSense (managed not to buy anything, go me), and Target (only bought the kleenex I was looking for, 80000 gold stars) and Starbucks followed by more magazine reading, watching the Jays game (do we like Colby’s new haircut or miss his sweet flow? I’m on the fence), a 5km walk listening to my oldies playlist (how beautiful was yesterday afternoon?? and seriously, how fabulous is music from the 60s??), dinner, a few homemade cookies, watching Inside Llewyn Davis (not for everyone, but I really liked it till the end, it kind of had no ending), and 9 hours of sleep.

Such a simple but extremely gratifying and rejuvenating weekend. I’ve had a serious case of the blahs lately and I’m definitely feeling better today. What else is making this a happy Monday? Dinner with my Dad tonight and only 69 hours till sis is home (but who’s counting?).


What’s making you smile today? Share your little bits of sunshine over on Sarah’s blog (My Mostly Healthy Life)  or just be creepy and read about other people’s Monday happiness. Whatever floats your boat.



friday, i’m in love


  • my favourite mailbox (found on a random side street in Norfolk County) to kick off National Card & Letter Writing month. everyone loves snail mail!
  • i think my douchebag neighbour is moving out (has moved out?) – I am so pumped. Keep your fingers crossed a lovely, quiet person (aka: isn’t a middle aged man who listens to Katy Perry so loudly my walls shake)
  • I think I hate the gym again; just, you know, fyi. I just want to be outside, but it’s still at the freezing mark most of the time and windy. Where are you spring?
  • massive spring cleaning is (hopefully) going down this weekend. I really hate cleaning, but it really needs to happen.
  • TV things. HIMYM. And this can’t possibly be a spoiler because I’m sure everyone on earth knows how it ended. Now, this isn’t a chat room for haters, so, if you hated it, keep your damn thoughts to yourself. (and omg, people on twitter are mean.) I may be Captain “TV is real life”, but guys, calm down. Real talk: Loved the first 55 minutes. Did I want Tracy to die? not really. Did I want Ted and Robin to (maybe) end up together? Not really. But doesn’t everyone deserve a happy ending? Sure. This is my favourite piece I’ve read since (and trust me, I have no life, I’ve read most of what’s out there). Real talk part 2: I’m really sad it’s over. I have faithfully watched HIMYM from day 1 – September 19, 2005 – right till the end. 2 cities, 4 different homes, 1 ex-bf, 3 different jobs, and 208 episodes. I read an excerpt from an interview with Josh Radnor (Ted) the other day saying he met fans all over the world, and more than just loving the show, was amazed about how the story lines were relatable to so many or the comedy got them through a death in the family or a divorce or a personal illness. That the HIMYM family became their family that visited every Monday night. And y’all, cause TV is real life, that’s totally how I felt.
  • more TV things. Scandal! Fitz, get off Mellie’s back you original philanderer. I’ll save you Jake; for the love of God, I will save you. Ohhhh Olivia, maybe taking down B6-13 wasn’t the best idea? Oh baby. Still quite attached to Chicago PD/Fire. Haven’t seen this week’s Mindy Project yet, how was it? And Joel is finally leaving Hart of Dixie. Thank goodness.

one of a kind

come relive all of the fun of last week’s big adventure at Toronto’s spring One of a Kind show:

ooak1 ooak2ooak4 ooak3

(thank you for the tickets Sabrina and Selina)

and my 3 favourite booths:

ooak5 ooak6 ooak7 ooak8

(my most favourite – AVW Photography. I already have a bunch of the polaroid magnets but picked up 3 8×8 prints last week. Amy, a country girl from Alberta, is beyond wonderful. If you aren’t a regular at Market Collective in Calgary, check out her online store. Personally, I think all of Amy’s creations are a perfect housewarming gift. Like Amy on facebook and follow her (stunning) adventures on instagram)

ooak9 ooak10

(the softest tshirts from LOVE NAIL TREE, an LA based company dedicated to provoking conversation and changing the world. Follow their story on twitterfacebookinstagramtumblr + 10% discount available on their website)

ooak11 ooak12

(I could have easily bought one of everything from marmalade; anchors, hearts, ampersands! Kate, a Toronto based designer, has the most adorable son (baby’s first bring your kid to work day); say hi to her on pinterestfacebooktwitterinstagram)


and then a stroll and lunch in Liberty Village (love). thanks for the day-date, Katelyn.

friday, i’m in love


  • I have this strange thing about the vacation destinations sister and I have been in the last few years. When we first get back I love the time I got to spend with her but have never been head-over-heels for the locales (except Boston, hearts). Chicago and Vancouver and Seattle were great, I didn’t hate them, but they didn’t make my heart beat like Boston. That is until all I want to do is pack my bags and hop a plane. I’ve been waxing poetic about all those places. A friend was in Chicago in January (ha, -40, sucker) and I couldn’t stop about how great it was even though it was +40 the entire time, humid, then rained, and the subway to the Cubs game was a disaster when we were there.
  • it’s major rainy today, which I guess is better than snow. Don’t dreary days just make you want to curl up, sip coffee, have soup, read magazine, and watch movies? Let’s hope it’s a slow work day.
  • Katelyn and I went to Toronto’s One of a Kind show yesterday (I won tickets, very odd for unlucky me). It was fun to go but there isn’t much that is my taste or really anything I was looking for. If you’re going, you MUST stop by to see Amy (AVW Photography) at booth J23. An amazing photographer from Canmore, AB, her stunning stills are all over my and sister’s apartment. Amy is the sweetest and her photos will amaze you. Can’t get there – check out her photos/magnets/coasters /stationary/wood blocks/etc online. (like all good things, sis was the first one to gift me some of Amy’s polaroid magnets and introduce me to her at Market Collective in Calgary)
  • baby tigers! I know they can eat me in 3 big chomps, but so cute!
  • TV things. Do you want to come over on Monday and hold my hand for the HIMYM finale? Since TV is real life and all. How many things have been there for you for 9 years? Make you smile, cry, cringe, laugh, quote the jokes (the Ted’s a dad episode? that is MY DAD!)? Exactly. Anyone else find Scandal to be good but lackluster yesterday? (spoiler free for you, Lauren) I was tired and distracted, but a few highlights: leave the kids at boarding school, Jake stood up for himself to Fitz (slow clap Jakers), and Mellie getting it on in the White House (way to go lady friend).
  • you get 2 gold stars if you can somehow avoid buying allofthethings at target. this is so me.
  • I shy away from meal planning, but mapped out lunches  and dinners this week and knowing what I’m going to make has been great. I’m so Type A that the fact I don’t meal plan is actually a big mystery. Tonight is buffalo chicken flatbread which I have been looking forward to all week. (brb, taking chicken out of freezer…)
  • To all my I’m Fit Possible peeps – be jealous, I had a hot beverage day date with Tara  (coffee for me, tea for her) earlier this week. She is absolutely as adorable and kind as you imagine. Can’t wait for our next visit.
  • Within the last week I’ve switched the design of the blog and added new social media buttons. Choosing a new theme on wordpress? Easy peasy. But MAKING your own social media buttons, a little more difficult – I’ve been patting myself on the back since Tuesday. Watch out geek squad.


What was the highlight of your week?