friday, i’m in love


  • Giants – Royals in the World Series!!! I can’t even tell you how pumped this makes me (and sis. and dad). SF Giants are my National League team (we don’t have to talk about my American League Jays, it’s cool); 3rd World Series in 5 years – every.other.year! And the Royals! They admitted they weren’t that great in August and then…..everything just clicked. And ah, they’re undefeated so far in the post-season. Oh-wee this is gonna be a great series!
  • “you’re either ready to reap this freaky-assed harvest or you’re not” it’s decorative gourd season (warning: some offensive language but too funny not to read….and let’s be serious, if you’re here, you’re not offended by an f-bomb)
  • my grandma picked me a bouquet of snapdragons from her garden on Wednesday night when I stopped in for dinner on my way home from the airport. Dinner and dessert and 2 cups of coffee and sending me home with leftovers, meat sauce, apples, and flowers: that’s love!
  • I had to pop into Chapters yesterday and do you know what Chapters has prominently displayed? Christmas decorations! Yo Chapters, no. It’s mid October (and who knows when it hit stores…). Just no. I love Christmas, I do; in December.
  • Do you have Nexus? I do and I have one major complaint. I have attempted to use the Nexus lanes travelling domestically 3 times since June; they’ve been closed each time. I did not pay $10/year and double that parking at Pearson for the lamest “you’re totes an upstanding citizen, right? super, let me scan your retinas” interview for the lanes to be closed. I want swift security checkpoints where people KNOW they have to take off their belts and YES, you need to take your computer out of your bag and WHY the hell did you put your boarding pass in your purse which is cruising through the scanner? Whhhhhhyyyyy? Why are there still coins in your pocket, sir? And that watch? OFF! Love airports, hate security checkpoints; thus, Nexus. Fail.
  • tv things: Scandal was the only thing I watched this week. And, ummmm, OH.EM.GEE! Fitz, you can’t have it both ways. Sure it blows your wife hates you and it’s hard being the president, but you can’t get all cranky pants when your mistress doesn’t want to makeyouty in the Oval. And the end? THE END?! Do you think Fitz is pissy and is out to kill Jake or it’s totally a bigger scheme and they’re playing mind games Rowan? The second option, right? RIGHT? #teamjake. But probably Fitz’s loins are burning and Jake’s getting permanent residency beside Mamma Pope at the bottom of a hole. AHHHH.
  • the doughnut and gourmet ice cream detox is real. Real awful. Vacation life > real life. (lots of vacation things coming your way next week and once a week till I run out of fun photos – all without bears, sigh – to show you)
  • oh, and can someone make me these cider caramels? I’d say cider doughnuts (cause, yum) but supposedly I’m on a doughnut detox and #lifeishard

all my friends say: (meet Chrissy! A Buffalo native who lives in Chicago I “met” on the interwebz; we were both ambassadors for (the now defunct) I’m Fit Possible. She was there to share adventures hiking in Nepal and scrumptious recipes while I thought it was a support group for people who ate ice cream after workouts. We became fast (internet) friends when we realized we had a ton in common, mostly our love for Jersey Boys and both being firmly planted on #teamjake. Chrissy is super, super pumped to share some of the things she’s loving this week….unfortunately “shirtless Scott Foley” isn’t one of them, damn Jake kept all his clothes on last night…)

  • Fall clothes. I realized after all summer of wearing all dresses and not a single pair of pants that pants are the worst and that I needed fall and winter dresses because even dresses with tights are better than pants. Am I alone on this? Combine my lack of season-appropriate dresses with the fact that I JUST discovered the website 6 pm to mean that bad things happened to my credit card around 12:30 Saturday night but I look forward to the good things happening to my closet in 5-7 days., scarfs, cute jackets. Love them all. I almost want to wear them all at the same time but then I’d look like Joey from Friends…could I BE wearin’ any more clothes?
  • Food.  Baked goods. I want to eat all the baked goods.  Didn’t help that I went on a baking spree for various events this week, so my Red Wine Dark Chocolate Raspberry Cake, the Brown Eyed Bakers’ Salted Caramel Apple Cake, Red Velvet Cupcakes, and oatmeal chocolate Chip cookies all came forth from my kitchen in the past week. I see no sign or reason that the impulse to bake will subside anytime soon. Plus, keeping the oven on keeps my apartment warm.


So, my other cutie-pie internet friends (and a few real friends – gah it makes me all sorts of excited when I find out my real life friends read my craziness – HI DANIELLE!) what are you loving this week? 

Also, do you want to come by for some snuggles? I had constant entertainment for 10 days – thanks sister! – and now everything is quiet and lonely. 


(photo from topknotgoods instagram

friday, i’m in love


  • at dinner on Tuesday I got to see the end of the Giants-Nationals game; see ya in the NLCS Giants! (ps: the Giants played the Cardinals in the NLCS 2 years ago…then went on to win the World Series. Let’s do that again, fellas!)
  • talking sports: it’s NFL and NHL season again I see. Sigh. Snore.
  • I said something hopeful about love and relationships yesterday. Obviously I can’t remember today. It was fun while it lasted…
  • and and, maybe I have a crush on a boy who I know in real life. Not on tv. Not in my imagination. Real effing life! (and I’m 90% sure he isn’t married)
  • so, tv things? I watched Chicago Fire with sis on Tuesday; she’s not pleased Casey isn’t Australian Chase (House fans will get that). So we’re pretty pumped Halstead didn’t get shot Wednesday, right? That he’s still living another day so his blue eyes can pierce my soul through the screen. Yah, about that crush on real people thing…
  • I’ve eaten all my favourite things in the last few days (vacation FTW) and I really don’t know how non-vacation life will ever compare.
  • vacation things: you guuuuuys! the west coast is freaking amazing! mountains and fresh air and so many trees and lakes and harbours and sail boats and dreamy fog and no rain and singing in the car and sitting on the beach and walking everywhere and every other thing that makes life perfect (like doughnuts and coffee and ice cream).
  • if you’re wondering, no, I have not seen any bears (actually, just one). ZERO BEARS. I want to see allthebears.
  • I picked up the most amazing necklace in Calgary on Sunday. (very similar to the one second from the right) The colours, the style, it’s so perfect.


  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY EMILY!!  tacos next week? xox


So, being disconnected is kind of the greatest, BUT, did I miss any good kitten videos on the internets? How was the Tonight Show this week? What is everyone talking about? 

life lately


like weekend at the lake things: sunsets and corn and empty roads


corn highway

and fall things!

leaves pumpkin

and some Calgary things

snapcat lovemore

and a preview of vacation road trip things



ps: Calgary and Vancouver has been amazing far; the weather has been absolutely perfect… way, way nicer than dreary old Ontario. Although, both owe me – Vancouver 2012 rained most of the time and October 2012 snowed for a week. So, yah.

what i’m watching

Here’s the thing; I kind of can’t stand it when people say they hate tv. Who are you people? The news is depressing, people are mean, there are wars, poverty, racism, gender inequality, and sometimes life gets hard and that’s when I really love escaping reality with teevee (or travel; sometimes I don’t deal well when things get hard, whatever.) Interestingly, most of what I watch isn’t actually a great escape since they’re emergency services (cop, fire, FBI) and political shows.

Weekly must watch: aka: the ones I love them most and totally actually remember the plot lines from week to week. (like maybe I tell people I’m busy so I’ll be home to watch these live……)


Chicago PD started with a half season in January and I was sucked in. Like whoa. I love it. And by it I mean Jay Halstead. The character back stories are so well integrated into the episode plots you sometimes forget it’s a cop show.

scandal (1) hart-of-dixie

I can’t even tell you how pumped I am that Scandal is now on at 9pm instead of 10. Last year I had the hardest time falling asleep on Thursday nights because I would lie in bed and wonder what the H-E-L-L was potentially going on in the (actual) White House. What kind of crazy stuff do citizens never hear about? And how did no one (in non-real life) Washington figure out Fitz and Olivia were boning? How does Jake never win? Olivia, babe, I get it that power is sexy and Vermont is amazing, but Jake is single. It’s easy and um, you were there for all that pillow talk in the premiere, right? #teamjake

So sad Hart of Dixie isn’t back till 2015; y’all it reminds me how much I love the South. And every girl needs a little bad boy Wade Kinsella in her life.

chifire The-Mindy-Project-Season-1-iTunes

Chicago Fire cause, yah. If you say you don’t have a thing for Fire Fighters you’re lying. Dirty, dirty liars. But what was with killing Shea? I loved her! And Mindy Project, well, cause it’s hilarious and after all that policing, and politics, and buildings exploding, every girl needs a few laughs. Have I mentioned I can.not.stand Mindy and Danny as a couple? Oh I have? But seriously, no. And I know I’m the only person on the entire planet who liked Josh; but I am also a huge fan of Casey while he was a pastor and Cliff, and heck, most of the randos. Oh oh, and the curmudgeonly cop.

If I’m home, I’m watching: (which, let’s be honest, I’m home 98% of the time, if not, what up OnDemand)

newgirl bones

criminal minds ncisla

greys thevoice

incomeproperty The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon - Season 1

New Girl: let’s hope it was better than last season and I wouldn’t be sad with (a lot) less Coach.

Bones: what the heck? why did you kill Sweets? Do we think it was the newbie FBI agent?

Criminal Minds: where did Beth go? (I mean, other than to Scandal and the White House, but why is there no mention of her?) I’m not sure how I feel about Jennifer Love Hewitt joining the cast. Can Reid get another nerdy girlfriend?

NCIS: LA: premiere ok, I mean, you know Callan and Sam aren’t gonna die, don’t make it seem like they might.

Grey’s Anatomy: I know, I know. I was no Christina Yang fan so…yah. This’ll probably end up as an OnDeamnd weekend watch.

The Voice: I’m not a reality tv kinda girl but I am absolutely a “I have a mad crush on Adam and Blake” kind of girl. Everyone is so sweet; there are no auditions that are good for tv but ridiculously embarrassing; these peeps can actually sing. And the advice from the coaches is heartfelt and thoughtful. Let’s see how long it is till I cry.

Income Property: Scott McGillivray is a babe and a genius! And one episode was totally shot down the street from my house. And Scott and I are both University of Guelph alumni.

Tonight Show: I love me some James Fallon. Seriously, hilarious.

friday, i’m in love

love to travel

  • the stress level is very high right now; I’m trying to pack, vacation plan, do my regular job, and check off all the last minute tasks for our event on Saturday. I’m really tired but I also kind of love it. (it’s currently 10:46pm on Thursday and I am most definitely trying to stay up to watch Scandal on time shift from 12-1am. Yes, I’m crazy. Yes, I’ll never sleep. Yes, I just really need me some #teamjake)
  • let’s just jump right into tv things…which is a bit of a sad panda situation this week. I’ve been out (site visits, meetings) or working on event details (more meetings, bag stuffing…which was a fun night). I should probably stop saying I’m so over Dawson & Casey, so, you’ve heard it 100x and now I’m done. I hope they don’t get married. Just remember my feelings towards the sitch anytime I chat Chicago Fire, yah? CHICAGO PD! I’m also trying to make it a weekly occurrence to shout FUCK YAH JAY HALSTEAD at my tv in the 10 o’clock hour on Wednesday nights. Loooooove. And, that’s all I’ve seen this week.
  • so awkward situation that was only awk for an hour or so until sister and all my friends reminded me of the great value of the story. aka: awkward man/date stories make great blog stories. SO…a few members of my event team were doing a walk through of our site (the 11th Field Regiment in Guelph; hello gorgeous building) and I’m early, I walk through the doors and look around for my peeps. Instead a dude is walking down the hallway. (ps: Field Regiment = Armoury = army dudes). So, I’m like sweet, hello future husband. And then he gets closer. Then I recognize him. We went on a few dates 6.5 years ago. Oh balls. And then if he wasn’t the one showing us around. Me, him, my 2 event dude friends, and one giant effing elephant. No, no one said anything. Yes, we both knew. Please pray that he’s not there all day on Saturday, too? (either I was pretty desperate way back when or he looks a lot worse; let’s go with option 2)
  • but, BUT, I will be surrounded with busyness and crossfitters and police officers and paramedics on Saturday and that should take my mind off the not hot dude I went out with 3 times till he got major clingy.
  • I successfully gave 2 people cut eye this week. Lady, no one has the freaking key tone turned on their iphone, turn that shit off; we’re all bumed that we have to sit in the dealership lounge for 2 hours the last thing I want to hear is your damn typing. And then she turned her phone off and went outside. Win. And no lady, I don’t care if your mother is 100, I was here first and I will have my damn pedicure first. Back of the line.
  • why is there an 11 year old dancing to Anaconda on the Internet? Why is this ok? Why do you need a license to do like, everything in life, but you can just have children. Pop out like 19 of them if you want?
  • I have this weird thing (maybe not a weird thing??); I wake up a lot in the middle of the night and a song pops into my head and it’s always a different one. If I wake up 5 times, I sing like 5 different songs over the course of the night. Weird? Does that happen to you? I mean, I have no thoughts, just song lyrics. A lot of Neon Light. Oh the fun dinner dance parties Blake and I have.

To spare you anything else boring and mundane (but seriously, I racked my brain….I don’t know any of the cool things on the interwebz this week….I hear Pluto may be a planet again, that’s cool. And there was a murder down the street from me yesterday morning, but you probably didn’t need to know that….) so anyway, my awesome awesome friend Emily forgot to push send on her “things my friends love” text last week (which in my head I dubbed “and all my friends say” mostly cause I was singing the song for DAAAYS once I thought of it; also love me some Luke). So I promised she could share this week:

  • I’m loving unconventional tacos, impromptu catch ups with real friends [obvs I'm assuming it was our Monday night dinner date] and the satisfaction of an early bedtime. There is nothing wrong with 9:30pm lights out. – Emily

And one from Phil, too; cause, samsies:

  • I am loving the harvest time. The food at the farmers markets is plentiful, delicious, and cheap! i accidentially bought a huge number of apples (ginger gold, my new fave) at the market, thinking that $6 couldn’t get me too many. Well, I was very wrong. I had snacks for a week and enough to make this amazing apple cake.


Did I miss anything good on the teevee or the internets? Tell me, tell me! I’m headed to Alberta then BC on Sunday and I.CAN.NOT.WAIT. Are we instagram friends? And the twitter, too? I can’t wait to make you all sorts of jealous of my adventures. And sister and I have a super fun blog post that we’ll be photographing out west; be excited. I’ve got “what I’m watching” (finally) lined up for you. And another life lately (so.much.fall). And of course, our friday, i’m in love dates. 

ps: sister, see you in the car! 2 days! 48-ish HOURS!

pps: guys, I wrote this (and answered more event emails) and now it’s 11:51pm and I am so watching Scandal in 9 minutes! And eating chocolate chips.