friday, i’m in love


  • that photo? painted on the side of a building in Vancouver! someone is very, very talented.
  • SF Giants are World Series champs! YES! 3-2 for 5 innings, can you say mild heart attack? Now…if my NL boys could get some nicer uniforms…I’m a big fan of script instead of block letters, and I really hate orange.
  • I was finally able to get to the free Tuesday night hot yoga class. The teacher subbed for us in my regular Thursday morning class and at first it wasn’t my cup of tea; much slower and lots of stretching compared to the power class I’m used to. BUT it is a perfect class for the evening. Like all good things in my life, thanks sister for pushing me to try that free class with you all those years ago. Hot yoga is pretty much my favourite (exercise) thing ever.
  • Also, Cara, the super zen Tuesday teacher closes class with the same few sentences that I really tried to remember. It goes something like this “find a place in your heart and call it home. May the whole world find peace. May the whole world find love. May the whole world find light. When you feel lost, look to your heart and come home.” Which, again, is usually something I’m not into, but kind of really loved and found immensely comforting this week. (as a contrast, the Thursday teacher started off a few weeks ago with “I don’t know about you, but I really need to flow today; my kids were a pain in the ass this morning and I got every red-fucking-light on my way here” love her)
  • cabbage + noodles + asain flavours. this salad looks easy and delicious. (haven’t tried it yet, I’m in an “I hate cooking” phase; there’s been a lot of salad in a bag, yougart, oatmeal, toast, and sliced fruit/veg in my life)
  • momma bears (or poppa bears…or single ladies…or handsome gents) you should make this tomato soup with grilled cheese dippers. How good does this look? (oh and, make some for me. I really REALLY want it, but have no desire to cook)
  • pomegranate seeds! oh I love pom season!
  • tv things: aka Scandal things: Jake lives! I love when Katelyn is home on Thursday nights because we text throughout the episode; I need to digest it with someone. My new thought is Olivia starts sleeping with Fitz again to soften him up and start convincing him that her father is manipulating him and Jake is innocent. Sounds good, right? #freejake. And can I get a big ol’ awwwww for Huck playing video games with his son? The. Cutest! (ps: I have a friend who looks just like Huck. Like people stop him on the streets and ask him if he’s Huck from Scandal and he kinds freaks out about it. Totally twinners.)
  • this post on a living room makeover made me actually lol. And the style is crazy beautiful. Simple, but lovely. Did it mention it’s hilarious?!
  • I finally borrowed (the dvd of) The Fault in Our Stars from the library, and damn it was good. Really good adaptation. And I didn’t even cry till she was eulogizing in the literal heart of Jesus…go me. (and then there was no hope, I cried right till the end). Also, Augustus Waters, you ruin real men for me; I have never met someone that lovely. 3 cheers for fictional boyfriends!!!


Happy weekend, y’all. I’m heading over to Starbucks to grab a Cinnamon Dolce latte (like a big hug; they’re the best) to start my Friday off right. And it’s rainy and gloomy and all I wanna do is drink starbucks and wear sweatpants and snuggle. 2/3 ain’t bad. 

the great canadian west coast road trip: vancouver


Against all my instincts I emailed sister with the subject “I know this sounds crazy, but…” and the body started with something like “….let’s just figure out what cities we want to go to and be spontaneous with when and how long we stay.”

I’m ms. planner. Day timers and plans and reservations and flights booked 9 months in advance are the kind of things that make me happy. Spontaneity makes my eye twitch. But you see, Vancouver was less than kind when I first visited in May 2012. It rained most of the time. I know, I know, it was VANCOUVER in the SPRING. And yet, I blamed my perpetual bad luck and sulked a bit. So this time, I wanted to be where the weather was nicest.

First stop: Vancouver.

vancoouver2 vancouver4 vancouver5 vancouver7 vancouver6

The first person who says I have a wee addiction to taking sunrise/sunset photos gets a kick in the shins.

No, waaaaait. WAIT. Come back; let’s have coffee (THE.BEST.EVER…Timbertrain in Gastown) and Ice Cream (Earnet Ice Cream in East Van…and yes, 2 weeks since being home, I am sticking to the ice cream detox, go me.)

vancouver8 vancouver10 vancouver9 vancouer11 vancouver12 vancouver13 vancouver14 vancouver15

Salted caramel for both, with London fog for Laura and whiskey hazelnut for me. Yes. You must stop here if you’re in Vancouver.

Ok, back to exploring… Stanley Park and Brandywine Falls and a stroll through the Olympic Park in Whistler (get the tacos at Brew House)

vancouver16 vancouver17 vancouver18 vancouver19 vancouver20 vancouver21 vancouver22 vancouver23

The spontaneous part? The weather was great and leaving for Victoria Wednesday morning just seemed too soon and too rushed. So, we stayed another day in Vancouver to sufficiently explore Stanley Park and enjoy a last, totally dreamy sunset in Kitsilano. (and burgers and poutine at local. oh sigh. so good)


ps: planning a trip? travelling soon? have you tried the app HotelTonight? We used it; so easy with decent choices in major cities and good prices. Wanna try it out? Use my code ABRIDGMAN for $25 off your first stay. (not sponsored, just awesome)

pps: planning that trip to BC? reach out to @helloBC on twitter (OMG and follow their insta, such beautiful photos); their tweeps are super awesome and super helpful if you’re looking for any recommendations.

friday, i’m in love


  • when you’re not quite ready to deal with real life does your bestie send you great things from internet? mine does: “quit acting like he wrote you every damn day, girl” 22 things couples need to stop instagramming. And #15….pretty much the thing I hate the most. And of course, 10 pictures of Prince Harry in a tux…which is misleading, because it’s all from the same event. While I’m not fond of bow ties, I do love gingers.
  • after seeing/hearing pretty much every single person I know refer to their “love language” I finally looked it up. Have you done it? (it’s free) Without knowing what the 5 “languages” were, I had an idea what mine would be. Well hot damn, if I wasn’t dead RIGHT! I tied in my top 2 (quality time and physical touch). That’s probably only because winking and being awkward aren’t love languages…..which is weird. They should be.
  • thoughts on Halloween? Who’s in the “that shit cray” boat with me? I hate being scared. HATE. I don’t particularly love dressing up; slutty nurse? No thank you. Just give me some half price mini chocolate and Rocky Horror Picture Show.
  • I created this recipe exactly 52 weeks away and have been stalking the brussels sprouts at the grocery store and plan on buying a huge bunch when they either a) look good, or b) aren’t $8.99/lb (momma ain’t broke but that is way too expensive)
  • I’m leaving for Christmas (winter?) vacation in 7 (SEVEN!) weeks! That seems soon doesn’t it? I’ve also fully committed to a 29 day famjam (guess who only has 30 day out-of-country insurance?) I’m crazy right? Do you know how much my dad talks?
  • confession: I really don’t like Coldplay and I really really really hate their song yellow. But…do you watch The Voice? The version Matt and Ethan sang in the battle round was amazing. I mean the song itself still sucks, but their performance (the guitars, swoon) was so good.
  • tv things. Scandal: how am I supposed to feel bad for Huck when no one will believe Jake? Did you have that moment of hope when Fitz began singing and you were all YES! YES it was a plan to frame Rowan…..and then, oh no. NO! Loving Chicago PD. And am pretty please that New Girl and Mindy Project are better than last season. Oh why yes I did snuggle on the couch with sweatpants, coffee, a blanket, and 10 hours of OnDemand last Saturday catching up on everything I missed while I was away.
  • did you see my and Laura’s “sister things” on Wednesday? I’ve been looking forward to posting for so long. We may just have to do another one while we’re in Georgia… “guess who bought all this stuff on clearance at Target?!” and “who bought these cutie new shoes at TJ Maxx?” But seriously. I got my Sperry’s there last year and sis her (non-thuglife) Timberland’s.

Best part of your week? Was it the glorious (Southern Ontario) fall day on Thursday? Oh my gosh, it was so beautiful! Plans for the weekend? I’m cleaning (maybe there is still a suitcase in my bedroom) and doing my laundry and a little bit of work. So fun. 


[photo via explorecanada's instagram]

sister things

Ever since seeing “sister stuff” on A Beautiful Mess in June I have been wanting to replicate something similar with my sister. We (Laur and I; as if I knew the ABM gals) tossed around items and ideas in September and took the photos in Calgary and Vancouver earlier this month.

So…which are my favourite things and which are Laura’s? (do you know us even a little bit? this is quite possibly the easiest guessing game ever…)

nailpolish1 nailpolish2doughnut1 doughnut2 phonecase1 phonecase2 scarf1 scarf2 coffee makeup1 makeup2shoes1 shoes2 jewelry1 jewelry2reading1 reading2 icecream1 icecream2 laura allison

Did you guess correctly? Laura on the left – I’m on the right!


the great canadian west coast roadtrip


Last week I got back from my 5th trip to the West Coast (4 Canada, 1 US/Canada) in the last 3 years. And let me tell you, the West redeemed herself (I’m looking at you 2012…rain in Vancouver, snow in Calgary).

Over Christmas holidays last year, not quite ready to go back into the condo after seeing American Hustle (I’m sure we were the only 2 people that thought it sucked) sister and I leaned on the 3rd floor railing over looking the dark ocean talking about when she decided to move home we would first fly down to San Francisco, drive north up the coast then back to Calgary then pack up and come back to Ontario. Which morphed into let’s not wait and just go to San Fran and drive the coast this summer/fall. Which turned into let’s reach out to Ford Canada again and see if we can Canadian road trip in October.

Y’all remember Henry from last year, right?


Last summer, Henry chauffeured us to Moraine Lake, Peyto Lake, and Bow Lake. A true gentleman.

Ford said yes, I booked my plane ticket in less than 20 minutes (thank you WestJet seat sale) and counted down the days. For this road trip I had but one request: fuel efficient. Without further ado, meet Clara:


Yes, Clara Ford; a sleek 2014 Hybrid Fusion. Henry Ford’s wife. Get it? Get it! (all sis; she’s the true brains behind our car naming game). Clara, such a pretty girl, escorted us on the Trans Canada Highway through Alberta,

2014-10-06 07.47.12

through BC,


and to beaches and an olympic village and islands and wine country and then back home.




okanagan calgary

Girl was tricked out: told us where to go (I know you all love that trait in a good woman), played our favourite tunes, let us make calls and brag about our sweet ride. She has a heated steering wheel and hot buns. I mean I have hot buns. I mean Clara has SEAT WARMERS…that also warm your back. She’s magnificent. And the one thing I wanted, she delivered. This baby is mega fuel efficient!

greatcanadianroadtrip sistertrip1

Thanks Ford Canada! And thank you Miss Clara (this is where you pet her and tell her she’s pretty…)


ps: more vacation things coming weekly – big long posts with lots and lots of pictures. cool? COOL! 

pps: yes, I wrote all those signs.